Where to Find My Work

If you’re looking for where to find my stories, you’ve come to the right place.  Follow the links below to where you can purchase my fiction, as well as support the publishers who have made my work possible.


Cover art by Dan O’Driscoll

Sylvia and Larry – “A love-story–sort of” (Felice Picano, author, on Goodreads.com).  A tale of a woman’s quest for a brain transplant, set against the ticking clock of her husband’s Alzheimer’s.  Black Gate says it is “vaguely reminiscent of Spider Robinson’s ‘Antimony’ but hits harder, I think.”  Find Sylvia and Larry in the Lazarus Risen anthology from Bundoran Press, out in October 2016.  From editors Hayden Trenholm and Mike Rimar, Lazarus Risen “presents sixteen stories from around the world that explore the economic, political, social and psychological consequences of life extension, human cloning, the hard upload and other forms of The Biological Singularity.” (Cover art by Dan O’Driscoll)


Story art by M Wayne Miller

Super Action Excite Team Go! – Come along with Jesse as he spends his summer watching the heart-racing, ‘were-crab’-demolishing action of the Excite Team–whether he wants to or not–while babysitting his brother’s regenerating arm.  Tangent Online calls the characters “heartfelt,” and says that the story “leave[s] the reader with the warm-fuzzies at the end as there’s sweetness indicative of such (Stand By Me, Stranger Things) coming of age tales.”  Find Super Action Excite Team Go! in issue #56 (April/May, 2017) of Intergalactic Medicine Show.  (Story art by M Wayne Miller)