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Changes Are Afoot!

Hello hello hello, it’s three posts in 2 days coming out of SheanHQ. This time with 2 big news items! Big News Item the First Last week, when I announced I had a second story coming out, I mentioned that … Continue reading

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I wasn’t ready for my close-up yet, Mr. Demille!

More news from SheanHQ, nestled firmly in the desolate wiles of Long Island.  This time, I’m a YouTube star*!I come with more news, and this time, I’m a YouTube star*! *for varying definitions of ‘star.’  Your mileage may vary.  Offer … Continue reading


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Lunacon and another Public Reading

Greetings in Sheanland! Much to report from SheanHQ today and tomorrow, so expect two or three posts from me this weekend. First off – I’ll be attending Lunacon 2017 in Tarrytown, NY in two weeks (April 7-9).  I’m not typically … Continue reading

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Another Sale! Salamanders! Door-Amputations!

I’ve been sitting on the details of this news since December 2nd – but I can finally announce that I’ve sold a second story! The story, coming out next month in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, is titled “Super … Continue reading

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