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Changes Are Afoot!

Hello hello hello, it’s three posts in 2 days coming out of SheanHQ. This time with 2 big news items! Big News Item the First Last week, when I announced I had a second story coming out, I mentioned that … Continue reading

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Different Beginnings – Health While Writing from Home

We’re talking about beginnings this week.  While I went on at length yesterday about ways to begin a story, let’s shift gears and talk about beginnings in life. This isn’t strictly the first time I’ve spent a chunk of time … Continue reading

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Thoughts on Beginnings 1 – Keeping Them Reading

I intend ‘Here I Go’ to be not just a daily blog of my doings, but also a sort of think out loud exploration of writing as I learn my way.   That said, seeing as how this is the … Continue reading

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