Getting Back into a Rhythm

In the Season 3 finale episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Graduation Day: Part 2), the gang has just graduated high school, as well as fought and (SPOILER!) defeated the Big Bad of the season. In the aftermath, Seth Green’s character, Oz, calls on them to sit a moment and reflect on the fact that they have survived high school.  They have passed a major milestone, and it is an event of gravity that deserves a moment of their attention.  While my milestone is hardly equivalent to surviving 18 years on a Hellmouth constantly being prey to vampires and demons, I feel the need to pause and reflect.

The kidlets’ summer vacation has ended. Let’s all take a moment to sit and soak that up.

This past summer was crammed with activities, both planned and not. There were family trips – zoos and aquaria, family visits and friend playdates, concerts and cabins in the mountains. Birthday parties. Plenty to keep us busy.

In my allusion to Buffy the Vampire Slayer above, I want to be clear, having my kids home from school was not the giant hurdle of a life chased by vampires.  Rather, not having easy writing time was.  In all, I think I managed to squeeze out 1 hr writing time each on three different days, and 3 other full days writing. In 10 weeks. Good writing. Got lots done in those spurts. But not enough.

Now that my beloved offspring are once again being educated outside of my purview and according to a schedule, I have both a designated time and space in which to write.

Aside from a spattering of holidays off from school and a short-term houseguest, I will be in a position where hopefully the only thing getting between me and my daily writing goals is my own procrastination, not an externally imposed to-do list.

Wish me luck,

Here I go.



About Matthew Shean

Matthew Shean is the author of several forthcoming novels and myriad short stories. He received his Ph.D. from the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences in New York, NY, and spent 20 years as a research scientist throughout the northeastern United States. He now lives in Long Island (against his will), with his loving family and disdainful cats.
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