Now Available: Lazarus Risen (and me!)

Hello everyone in Shean-land!

I greet you today with momentous news!  If you recall, back in March, I sold my first story.  I’m still giddy about it, some six months later.  And I’m even more excited to tell you that, today, you can read it!

My story, “Sylvia and Larry,” is now available in the Lazarus Risen anthology, just out from Bundoran Press.  Here’s the publisher synopsis:

Dreams of immortality and eternal youth are almost as old as human culture itself. But what would the world look like if everyone could live and be young forever? What would it look like if only some of us had that privilege? Lazarus Risen presents sixteen stories from around the world that explore the economic, political, social and psychological consequences of life extension, human cloning, the hard upload and other forms of the biological singularity.

Stories by Brent Nichols, Sean McMullen, Teri Babcock, Nancy SM Waldman, Brad C. Anderson, Fiona Moore, Felice Picano, Matthew Shean, Matt Moore, Suzanne Church, Peter Wendt, Holly Schofield, Deborah Walker, Kevin Edwin Stadt, Leigh Kimmel, and Andrew Barton

That’s 16 fantastic tales of immortality, brain-to-computer-uploading, life-extension, and brain transplants.  Including one by yours truly.  And there’s some great authors in that list.  Award winners, best sellers, workshop grads, old salts and fresh meat alike.

You can get your hands on a copy* at the publisher’s website, here:

Or, if dead-tree hard copies aren’t your thing, and you like your reading on tablets, then the Amazon Kindle version can be purchased* here:

And while you’re at it, please feel free to show some support for Bundoran Press in general, and browse their growing list of Science Fiction and Fantasy titles.

And let’s all celebrate and do a happy dance today, shall we?

Here I Go,


*Please note that all prices are in Canadian dollars


About Matthew Shean

Matthew Shean is the author of several forthcoming novels and myriad short stories. He received his Ph.D. from the Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences in New York, NY, and spent 20 years as a research scientist throughout the northeastern United States. He now lives in Long Island (against his will), with his loving family and disdainful cats.
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